Friday, November 15, 2013

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

People come to Twitter because they are interested in certain things. Trying to tap into an audience that has nothing to do with your activity will only mean wasted time and effort. Right from the moment you are creating your profile on Twitter, think about how you will be seen from the outside. Is your profile saying something essential about your company that will appeal to potential clients? Answer this question first and you will start on the right foot.

Translate Twitter participation into palpable results

Many companies make the mistake of believing that it is the number of likes and followers that matter on social media, but what you should be looking for when you are using these platforms is the quantity and quality of engagement resulted from your activity. For instance, your Twitter marketing techniques should determine people to re-tweet and share your tweets, so that the message is disseminated to a large number of people, much larger than the number of our followers. Actually, it is much important to concentrate on having engaged followers than have many followers who do not care about such actions.

Pick a role for Twitter marketing

Your marketing strategy needs to be well thought if you want to succeed. You should not let random things happen to your marketing strategies. For instance, you need to assign a certain role for Twitter in your marketing campaigns.

What do you need Twitter for?

Do you need to make your brand more popular? Do you want to draw more people to the company blog? Do you want to promote new offers and discounts? All these are important, and you need to have a consistent idea on how to use Twitter marketing for the right results.

Planning the content

A rule of thumb that is followed by many successful companies on Twitter is publishing tweets that are about others in about 80% of cases, and only keep 20% of them for your company. One thing that people do not react very well on social media platforms is an over-selling attitude. As long as you manage to convince them that you are providing them with useful information, they will be willing to take your company tweets into account, as well.

Add Twitter to your website

It must be very easy for any visitor on your website to connect with Twitter. Add the well known blue bird button to all your websites and posts, to make your content shareable. This is the essence of Twitter marketing; engage your readers and make your Twitter presence count.

When it comes to making money on the internet, it can be very confusing and overwhelming. There is so much content on the subject that we become numb by it and this information overload can lead to indecisiveness. The main thing to remember is following one program and sticking to it by taking action every single day.






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