Saturday, July 26, 2014

Like Us On FaceBook


Like Us On FaceBook

Facebook was launched in 2005, and it was introduced as a pure social networking site. The reason behind designing a social media site like this was to help people connect and share with  people in his or her life. Maybed we dream, probably the founders too, that it would become one of the most powerful business marketing tools!

Facebook marketing is a valuable asset in the hands of business owners trying to get across to a niche audience. Several social networking sites were launched prior to Facebook. They rode on a wave of popularity for a few months and disappeared without a trace. This is the distinguishing feature between Facebook and many of its contemporaries. It has managed to retain its popularity owing to its constant upgrades, ease of customization and versatility.

It's success as a business marketing tool is because of its wide reach. It is the largest social networking site with more than 500 million active users and also the most visited with more than 1 billion hits per day. The other advantage of Facebook marketing is the control it gives in the hands of an entrepreneur.

Advertisers can expand or limit the message to a particular country by adjusting the settings. Thus, the sale of products is no longer limited to smaller locations and areas. It increases the revenue generation ability, generates leads and sales and targets new business opportunities.

It is Easy to Use Facebook Marketing to Build Your Business

The first step involves setting up an account. Many use their personal account to market their business. This is a common mistake and indicates lack of professionalism. A business account should be separate. It can be a traditional account like the personal one you maintain or a fan page. The fan page will serve as your brand identity.

There are a few design details you should pay attention to. It should have your company logo, website link (if you have a website) and a short paragraph describing your business. On this fan page, you can share links to informative articles, videos and images associated with your business.

After you've designed your Facebook fan page, you must promote it. Invite friends, colleagues, business contacts and potential clients to like and share your fan page. The company website is another to promote your fan page. With more exposure, the chances of growth and expansion also increase.

Facebook marketing includes paid advertising also. This includes paid  classified ads. Also called Market Place Ads, they are displayed in the side columns of this social networking site. The advertiser pays based on the number of impressions or clicks it receives. It is similar to publishing ads in a local newspaper or magazine. The entrepreneur can decide what he intends his daily or monthly budget to be.






Many other methods to increase fans and raise brand awareness. One can host contests, promotions and sweepstakes. Sponsored stories are also a type of Facebook advertisement. It describes people's interaction with an app, fan page or event. It is a paid promotional method.

If you are still unsure of the different method to promote a business via Facebook, you can use help from many online marketing experts.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Google+ Social Media


Google+ Social Media

Did you join Google+ -  Was it because it was a new social media platform to add to your marketing plan, or just because everyone else was encouraging businesses to join.  After all, it's a social network with the "Google" name on it. Whatever your reasons for signing up for a Google+ business account, there is no doubt that it continues to grow into one of the most valuable social media channels for brands today. It can be very beneficial for your brand in helping it reach a wider audience and turn you into an authority in your niche.

Not everyone knows how to get the most out of their Google+ account, though. You've filled out your profile, created a great cover photo, made a few status updates... but what now... Are you getting noticed. Are you reaching your target audience. If you are still trying to figure out the best way to use Google+ for your brand, then there are still plenty of things to learn about increasing your visibility. When you increase your visibility, you broaden your reach and attract more followers from your target audience, and ultimately letting people see that you are an expert in your field.

Here are five ways that you can boost your brand's visibility on Google+:

Know how far you reach - Posting is an important part of staying active on social media. On Google+, it might not be enough to simply add new content to your own profile, especially if you only have a handful of followers. Join some communities that are likely to have a large number of members who could fit with your target audience. Adding new posts to a community page could help you reach an audience of 7,000 instead of limiting yourself to reaching only your 200 followers. Just remember to post valuable content so you don't come across as a spammer.

Get involved through comments - If you want people to add you to their circles, it's important to start a conversation with them. This is easily done by leaving comments on their profiles and posts. As the relationship builds, you will be added to new circles.

Consider your posts - Content is valuable on social media, but sometimes a plain written post or a link to your blog just isn't enough to capture attention. Rethink how you add content to your profile. Images, for example, can be very powerful. Instead of just posting a link to your blog, post a great image that will link back to your blog. You could see a lot more traffic with a good picture.

Check What's Interesting - On Google+, you will find a feed of popular posts called "What's Hot." Here you can find a lot of what is trending on the social network- articles, photos, videos, etc. You can leave your own comments on these trending posts, giving you long-term reach as the posts continue to gain exposure.

Google+ continues to be one of the most valuable social media platforms for business. When you use it correctly, you will expand your reach and grow your audience. This contributes to your image as an authority in your field, which is what we all really want from social media marketing.





Saturday, July 05, 2014

Follow Twitter


Follow Twitter

Twitter Marketing means you should work the most of your character limit and the other features of the social media website to reach and increase your followers. This will result in much more exposure, which later may result in better performance in terms of revenues for your company. If you are a beginner in social media marketing and have barely scratched the surface of Twitter marketing, you should take time to go through the tips below to know how to go about this type of social media promotion correctly and effectively.

Be patient and consistent always. The first thing you should know is that the fruits of your Twitter marketing campaign will not likely be felt immediately. Even if your tweets are informative, funny, relevant, and valuable, it will take time before you amass followers and see a spike in the performance of your business. As such, be patient. Just work on maintaining your account and things will fall into place later on.

Tweet like an average person would. People like to know they are socializing with a human being. Don't go overboard with your Twitter & Facebook marketing efforts, as you are likely to turn away potential customers and followers if you do so. Tweet about your products/services/company once in a while; the rest of the time, you can tweet about anything under the sun. This will lend your account a human touch, which will give the impression that the account is not just a big marketing strategy. This will entice people to follow you.

Do not torture yourself when tweeting. It's true that it's difficult to tweet within the limit, but there's no need to agonize over content each and every time. Your tweets should come natural. Just a few short words to let your audience know what you're up to. The key to capturing the attention of other users is to have fun when tweeting - just make sure you don't cross the line and tweet something offensive.

You may not want to read every tweet that comes your way. Responsible Twitter and Blogspot marketing involves being selective when it comes to which tweets you read and reply to. It's up to you!







If you don't use some sort of screen, you will easily be overwhelmed by the volume of tweets that are sent your way, be courteous of the people, companies, and organizations you've decided to follow. Make connections with people and try not to hide.

 Twitter Marketing