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Stock Loan

Stock Loan

Stock Loan

A Stock Loan allows you to borrow up to 80% of your Stock VALUE at FIXED interest rates from 3%.  USA and International securities.

We offer a very competitive and attractive securities based loan that is non-recourse, which means NO personal liability to you. Your stocks that you own can be pledged as collateral for a low FIXED interest rate (interest only) loan. Use the loan funds for any purpose.

Our Stock Loan program will accept all forms of free-trading securities, such as stocks, bonds, etc. on both U.S. and Foreign Stock exchanges. UK, Canada, European, etc..

A stock loan is the lending of funds collateralized by shares of a publicly traded stock that you OWN, domestic or foreign. It gives the borrower access to the liquidity of the assets without actually selling the stock . The term of the stock loan is typically three to ten years and the shares are returned upon repayment of the loan.

We offer a Non-Recourse Stock Loan – A Stock Loan with NO personal liability. A non-recourse Loan is secured by some form of collateral, your securities. If there is a default, the borrower keeps the loan proceeds and the lender only claims the collateral. The borrower's liability is limited to the collateral pledged for the loan. In fact, the borrower has the right to walk away from the loan, can you really call this debt?

With Non-recourse Stock loans, there is never any effect on your credit record either in default. No hoops to jump through, no heavy paperwork, no fine print. Just your stocks acting as collateral for your loan

Use the cash for any purpose! Buy a home, buy a business, real estate, investment property, pay-off a mortgage, virtually anything.

A credit report is NOT required, and NO income or employment verification is done. It's a True NO DOC Loan (NO documentation). You can get your cash in as little as 7 days. It's a quick and easy process! Just one simple phone call or application and you'll receive the terms for your loan quickly.

In a volatile market like we are all experiencing today, a stock loan allows you, the borrower, the flexibility of letting your stock/mutual fund portfolio work for you. The borrower gets to benefit in the event of a market downturn, yet still retain upside potential should the price per share increase during the term of the loan. If the price of the stock significantly decreases, you can walk away from the loan, and if the stock increases, you can pay off the loan and keep the upside.

Increase your borrowing power without liquidating investments by pledging eligible securities in your portfolio to secure financing to buy a home, refinance, or for any other purpose. Using securities as collateral makes sense, especially if you need to borrow more than a lender is willing to provide or if you want to avoid selling off personal assets.

Through our global network of financial institutions, we access below market, fixed-rate interest Stock Loans which facilitates our clients' ability to access capital in a tax-free and private transaction without having to sell stock into the market.

You borrow against the current value of the stock portfolio that you "own", pay a below prime interest rate for the term of the loan and then at term end, you either pay off the loan and receive your stock back with any stock appreciation, refinance the loan or, if the stock price has fallen below the Value amount, forfeit the shares without paying back the loan (non-recourse) with no liability or effect on your credit rating.

"Securities Based Loan Division  ~  Financial Services














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Orlando Home

Orlando Home

Orlando Home

Property Features:


Contemporary Home


Wood fencing


2 car garage, Attached parking, Automatic garage door

Heat/Cool :

Central air conditioning, Hot water heat


Cathedral ceilings, Ceiling fan (s), Pantry, Walk-in closet (s), Window treatments, Tub & Separate Shower, Sliding Glass Door


Carpeting throughout, Ceramic Tile flooring

Rooms :

Living Room, Family room, Formal dining room, Foyer, Large Screened Porch

Utilities :

Public water supply, TV cable available, lawn sprinkler system


Washer & Dryer, Dishwasher, Disposal, Refrigerator, Stove


Master Bedroom:


Bedroom 2:


Bedroom 3:


Kitchen :


Dining Room :


Family Room :


Living Room :


Address:   Orlando,  Florida  32837

Subdivision:   Deerfield

Location:   Southwest - Orange County - Hunters Creek area  - Minutes from Walt Disney World & Orlando Florida airport   Shopping and schools nearby.   Beautiful residential neighborhood

The population of the greater Orlando region is 1.5 million people.


October to May

Days – Low 70s F (22 C) to mid 80s F (27 C) Nights – Low 50s F (10 C) to mid 60s F (16 C)

June to September

Days – Upper 80s (27 C) to mid 90s F (32 C) Nights – Upper 60s (16 C) to mid 70s F (22 C)

For more detailed information, be sure to check out Go2Orlando's guide to Orlando Weather.


Orlando International Airport is the 15 busiest in the country. It is conveniently located only 15 minutes from the downtown area as well as all of the major attractions. Once on the ground, there are plenty of transportation options to choose from. The airport is home to all major rental car companies, and the city's Lynx public transportation system connects all areas of Orlando. Taxi and Limousine service is available to any destination in the area as well. The I-Ride trolley service provides transportation from destination to destination along International Drive, with scheduled stops every 15 minutes.

For further transportation information, see Go2Orlando's detailed guide to transportation in Orlando.

Time Zone

Orlando is in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT – 5 hours)

Things To Do


Orlando is home to over 300 lakes, perfect for fishing, water skiing and boating all year round. The city is also located near Twitter many state parks, all of which offer canoeing, bike trails and hiking throughout the year.


There are over 125 golf courses within 45 minutes of downtown Orlando. Many of the area's courses have been designed by world famous course architects such as Facebook - Tom Fazio and Robert Trent Jones, while others have been created by some of golf's all-time greats, such as Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Not only are these courses fun to play, but a few are also home to major PGA tournaments throughout the year, where the greats of golf go to compete for the top prize.


Orlando is filled with options for the tennis fan. Most resorts have at least one court on site, and there are many area tennis centers which are open to the public. Most hotels, Blogger and tennis centers offer equipment rentals, as well as advice and lessons for beginners or experts.


Orlando's most famous team is the NBA's Orlando Magic. Beyond the Magic, there are also other sports teams worthy of checking out while in Orlando. They include, the Orlando Miracle (WNBA), Orlando Rays (AA Baseball), the Orlando Predators (Arena Football) and the Orlando Seals (WHA2 Hockey). The city also hosts spring training baseball featuring the Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros. In addition, many other Major League teams hold there spring training camps within a few hours of Orlando.

Performing Arts

There are many opportunities to enjoy the performing arts in Orlando. The Orlando Opera Company and the Orlando Philharmonic provide musical enjoyment throughout the year, while the Shakespeare Festival and the Southern Ballet also delight audiences with their artistic productions. The Civic Theatre of Central Florida and the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center welcome local and national productions throughout the year as well, adding exciting variety to Orlando's performing arts calendar.

Special Events

Orlando attracts many amazing events every year. From high profile concerts to rodeo performances, art festivals to bike week, there is always something exciting on its way to Orlando.


While theme parks may be the main attraction, Orlando has no lack of culture to speak of. The Morse Museum is home to the largest collection of Tiffany stained glass in the world, and the Orlando Museum of Art features a prominent collection of 19th and 20th century American art. The Orlando Science Center delights visitors of all ages with dynamic, hands-on exhibitions featuring the latest in science and technology.

Meeting Space

Orlando is a popular stop for conferences, conventions and meetings. There is certainly plenty of available space to hold even the largest of gatherings.

Orlando's Orange County Convention Center – The third largest venue in the United States in terms of meeting space with 1.1 million square feet of available space.

Tupperware Convention Center – Another large venue, with 48,060 square fee of meeting space.

Orlando Expo Center – The Expo Center includes 74,691 feet of exhibition space.

In addition to these venues, there is another 1.7 million square feet of space available throughout the city's many hotels and cultural venues.


Orlando is currently the fastest growing retail market in the United States. The city is currently home to over 39 million square feet of shopping, and is expanding by the day.




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Gourmet Gifts

Gourmet Gifts

Gourmet Gifts

Consider a few things before you purchase a gourmet gift basket for a nice  person in your life. When you decide on purchasing a gourmet gift basket, you will have to decide what items you want the basket to be filled with that will fit the taste and desires of the person.

If you decide to send the gift for an occasion, you will have to decide how many gourmet gift baskets you need. The number of guests at the occasion or Twitter event will be the decisive factor on how big the basket needs to be or how many baskets you have to order. Also, do not forget that many of the foods in these baskets are perishable so you want to make sure that they are delivered at the date of the occasion or close to it.

Gourmet food baskets come in all different sizes and shapes. You have to select one that both fits the size of the Facebook audience and also the event or occasion. You will find many choices online to find the best match. In any case though, you have to decide what food and beverage items you want in the gourmet gift baskets you send.

Should you decide on a gourmet basket that contains beverages, then wine is a great choice. A great combination with wine is to select a basket that contains wine, cheeses and some fruit. This combination is hard to beat. Many online gift and fruit basket Blogger providers offer a range of baskets filled with exquisite selections of cheeses, fruits and wines.

Other options could be baskets that contain coffee or tea. Herbal and green teas are very popular these days. You probably don't want to combine these beverages with cheeses but instead you'd look for baskets that contain coffee and/or tea and baked goods.

You will be able to find many varieties of fruits that are included in gourmet fruit baskets. These could be apples, pears, oranges, grapes or many seasonal or exotic fruit varieties. Many of these gourmet fruit baskets also contain dry fruits, nuts and berries. Due to the perishable nature of fruit you want to make sure that you will use a fruit basket provider that has experience in sending perishable gourmet gift baskets.

If you tend to send a gourmet gift basket that's filled with candy and sweets then this certainly is also a good choice. Such kinds of baskets can contain any variety of chocolates, cookies, muffins, sweet candies, dried fruits, and so much more. The selection is endless.

A delicious variety of a gourmet gift and fruit basket is to send chocolate covered berries. There is pretty much nobody who wouldn't love to receive these to satisfy their cravings for sweets.

No matter what kind of gourmet gift basket you will ultimately pick, you have to keep the recipient in mind. Think of their preferences and pick your baskets accordingly. It's very simple and convenient these days to send gourmet gift baskets online. Just make sure you pick an established and known provider so you can be sure you get the highest quality ingredients.

Sending a gourmet gift basket ensures that your recipients will be excited about the gift you send. They have been a popular choice when you need a superb gift to give to someone you care for. A gift basket provider review will give you some good background if you want to send any kind of food gift basket.


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Vacation Travel

Vacation Travel

Vacation Travel

TREND: BabyMoon Packages
The first trend is with babymoon travel packages. Whats that!? These are important because couples who are having their first baby, might want to have one last vacation alone together, and this is a great way to put the travel together without a lot of hassle It allows the couple to have a relaxing time while the spouse is pregnant. It's called a "babymoon" instead of a "honeymoon". Check out the various packages online. You'll be surprised to see how many of these exist.

If you want a really nice babymoon vacation, luxury resorts have all kinds of special deals and babymoon packages. Many times you'll be able to find these packages with massages, and treatments

TREND: Adventure Travel Packages
Another type of emerging trend in travel is the adventure travel packages. These are noteworthy because they provide the fun and excitement that just about any Twitter interest might require. A good example is the safari and exotic adventure cruises. You can find many of these in Africa, but south America also has plenty exotic adventure vacation packages.

Ok, lets say you're not the outdoors type. Well on the other end of the Facebook spectrum are the art, castles, cooking, wine vacation packages. They are great for the more sophisticated crowd, or if you are looking for something a little more relaxing.

TREND: Charity Vacation Packages
The last trend that's emerging is the travel for charity vacation packages. Sometimes a person is just traveled out, and wants to do something a little different.That's where this type of package fits in. The traveler is giving something back to society, In these packages, the proceeds are given to the charity that's putting on this package. Its not hard to find charity vacation packages online. The other type of charity vacation is more of a do it yourself type. Its the hiking trip. You basically, put up a website, set up the pledging pages, and put up a map of your progress. This isn't for the faint of heart, but those who really believe in a strong cause, and have a do it yourself attitude.

So there you are, those are just 3 of the emerging trends in vacation packages that are growing. Just remember to consider the babymoon packages, the adventure travel packages and the travel for Blogger charity packages. As you plan your vacation, let your friends know about them too. You might just have the most memorable trip of your lifetime.





Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Employment - Jobs Nationwide

Employment Searches

Employment - Jobs Nationwide

Is employment searches making your life challenging? Use social media! The age-old trend of hunting job interviews in newspapers, job magazines, and classifieds has overtaken by the newly emerging and yet advancing social media. A number of job seekers ask the question "How can social media pace up their job search procedures?" Well, here's what you'll need to do!

Revealing Yourself Online

Social media has influenced not only the job seekers, but also the recruiters who want to assess the candidates in a more superfine and profound manner. The web platform has helped the employers to collect useful information about the candidates' personalities, interests, skills, and other credentials that are carefully assessed during the hiring processes. Primary social media ducts such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Blogger are frequently used to examine the job applicants. As a job seeker, you can demonstrate your unique abilities and personality traits using these ducts that will help to mark you as an extraordinary professional individual among your competitors.

Maintaining an Excellent Online Repute

Your online profiles speak loud about your personality and future goals. With a host of employers surfing through your social profiles, you don't want to make a wrong impression before them. Make a regular check of your likes of Facebook, followings on Twitter, posts and communities on Google Plus, and profile information on LinkedIn. Any irrelevant, unethical, abusive, or harmful content on any of these profiles can greatly hamper your social points. Ensure that you clear off such content (if any) from your social platforms and sustain a high online reputation at all times.

Being Alert and Investigative

Your next task after you connect with relevant people and corporate communities or groups associated with your industry is to remain alert for any tweets, Facebook updates, Google Plus posts, or LinkedIn job listings with a view to locate the applicable job opportunities. You can also engage into the professional conversations or public forums that discuss about the current employment market. Some social media horizontals also render industry specific and up-to-the-minute career advices and suggestions that can bring a good change in your career.

Among all other social platforms, LinkedIn is seen to be a rising trend of the present time. Some of the top resume services such as Resume possess a proven ability to prepare top-class LinkedIn profiles, peculiar to the applicants' industry types. Ensure that you connect with them and increase your social popularity over the web, so as to boost your employment search in a well-defined fashion.







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Online Gifts For For The Family

Online Gift

Online Gifts For The Family

Online Gift shopping, known to consumers as online gift shopping, has exploded in popularity over the past decade and a half. According to research, "Buying gifts over the internet has grown from only 16% of adults in 2006 to approaching 41% in 2012. More than four in ten adults (21 million) use the internet to browse for gift ideas."

Online gift shopping as a whole also continues to gain in popularity. The e- Retail Sales Index reported that in April 2012 online retail sales were up 19% year-on- year basis.

But what has fuelled - and continues to fuel - this surge in popularity of online gift shopping and online gift stores?

1. Increased Security

When online gift shopping first became a possibility, people were discouraged by fears over security. Many shoppers were unhappy about using credit cards to buy products over the internet, and this prevented them from making purchases.

Over time this perception has changed. Although some people are still concerned over security issues, the growth of online banking and the rise of large and trustworthy online retail stores made online financial transactions more commonplace, and as a result more people are comfortable with the idea of shopping online.

2. Greater Portability of the Web

One of the reasons online gift shopping has grown in popularity is due to the fact that the internet has become increasingly mobile over the years. The initial attraction of shopping online was being able to shop from the comfort of home. Now, the boom in smartphones and tablets has allowed people to take the internet with them wherever they go so that they can purchase products online wherever and whenever they want to.

Recent research has shown that tablet owners are particularly keen to use their devices to shop online, even more so than smartphone owners, meaning the growth in online sales is expected to increase further with the growth of the tablet market.

3. Growth of Price Comparisons

Over the years, comparing prices on the web has become easier than ever. Consumers are now wise to the fact that they can visit multiple e-stores and quickly compare prices to find the best deals. This has become easier still with the growth in price-comparison websites which has become a major feature of buying online and has increased consumer confidence.

4. Rise of Social Media and Reviews

Social media has seen a massive surge in popularity over recent years, and this has affected online shopping habits. Consumers can now get easy access to reviews of products before they buy them, and reviews from contacts in their social networks are especially powerful when making informed decisions.

Also, there is now more opportunity to purchase goods directly from familiar websites. Companies are starting to make more of a presence for themselves on social networks like Facebook, and this all makes the online shopping experience more familiar which leads to increased popularity.

5. Busier Lifestyles

As we continue to lead increasingly busy lifestyles, we constantly demand more flexibility and choice. Online gift shopping provides a quick and convenient shopping experience where consumers can make purchases 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. This perfectly suits our increasingly hectic lifestyles so it is no surprise that online gift shopping has grown in popularity over the years.

The Future of Shopping is Online

The online gift shop and other forms of e-commerce have grown in popularity over the years largely to the above factors. As lifestyles continue to change and consumers begin to rely on the internet for a greater variety of services, it can be safely assumed that online shopping will continue to grow in popularity over the coming years.








Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Buy Discount

Buy Discount

Buy Discount Products

Buying sometimes is a difficult task to buy discount gifts for friends and family. A great way to research and buy those gifts without even leaving my armchair at home. A way to save a whole lot of money into the bargain. You can now do this by visiting buy discount online shopping stores, where the choice of gifts is the  greatest, as they always have what you want and the price is right, and so cheap even for expensive items.

Today there are many companies who run buy discount online shops, where a whole range of discount gifts are available at a price you will like. And you will soon find that most of them will offer you really good discounts on a very wide range of unusual and unique gift items. In fact if you are clever and do your research you should be able to easily save a large amount, when compared to the normal retail price at a shopping mall store.

Avoid all the discomfort and pain of trying to shop in a real store. You don't have to put up with long lines and dumb sales people when you buy discount shop online and they are always open! No more traffic or busy parking lots, just a stress free environment in a comfortable situation - this really is shopping heaven for me.

You can be relaxed when looking for discounted gifts before the holiday season and actually enjoy the experience looking for just the right gift for everyone. This has never happened before!

Online buy discount gift stores have become so popular. You get access to a great range of remarkable and valuable gifts at discount prices. And you can take your time just to browse and search for exactly the gift that you want. The perfect way to shop in my opinion!

The best gifts at the best prices is the scenario you are looking at here and to ensure you find what you want you should get online and into one of the search engines such as Then just put in term discount gift store with perhaps the gift name you want to search for added to it. You will then get a page of results displayed that should give a wide range of different online discount gift stores to visit that will have the gift you are looking for in stock.

But don't just visit the first gift shop you see in your online list. Try as many of them as you can to find the best deal and discount price on the gifts you need to buy. Each online store could offer different prices on the product you want and there may also be special offers at some of the stores to tempt you to part with your money. It pays to shop around and do some extra research to save even more when you are shopping online.

Some of the buy discount gift websites you visit may be comparison sites, where you will see different prices lists for the same product at different gift stores. They do the hard work for you so you can see where the best deals are on the gifts you want to buy. You will always be able to buy the gift that you want, but finding those same gifts at the best prices will take a little bit more effort, but this will be worth because of the savings you will make.

For easy gift discovery and at a price you are really going to like you should shop for buy discount products online, where the experience will be so much nicer than going to the shopping mall. And if you are not already sure of what to buy as a gift then going online will help you getter a much better idea of the best gift for your loved one and the price that you will have to pay.









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Shopping World

Shopping World

Shopping World

Online shopping is the greatest way to get what you need; because of the  internet that has made shopping so easy. You can purchase almost anything in the world sitting in the comfort of your home. These include home appliances, clothing, jewelry, laptops and more. Buying items online helps you save lot of time. Also, it allows you to find the best products at prices that you can actually afford. There are various online shopping ideas that can help you make the most of this method of online shopping. Here are some great online shopping ideas that can help you save money. Also, they will allow you to make the best purchase.

A great idea to save money while shopping online is to look for discount offers. There are various sites that offer products at discount rates. They can help you save considerable money. You can also look for auction sites such as eBay. Here you will get a chance to benefit from some of the best deals. You can come across scores of items , both new and used and buy what you want within your budget. You can also look for sales offers online. They also allow you to save money and buy quality products.

To find the best products , you should explore different sites and make a comparison better a product in terms of its quality, features and price. Since all you need to do is to make few clicks, comparing products online can be very convenient. As it can help you save lot of money, you should always compare your options before picking a product.

To find the best sites that offer the product you are looking for, you should use the right keywords. For example, if you want cheap shoes, you must use the keywords in your search engines like "cheap shoes" or "discount shoes". Also, try to use as relevant and precise keywords as possible. Like if you want shoes for women or formal shoes, use the exact keywords so that you can come across sites that offer these products.

To buy something at shopping world online, you can start by searching for what you want in the search engines. You can use one of your favorite search engines and look for the websites that offer the product you want. Make sure to use the right keywords. For example, if you want to by a cheap laptop you should use the same keyword "cheap laptops". Also, you can use relevant keywords like "affordable laptops", "discount laptop" etc.