Friday, November 27, 2009

Stock Loan & Securities Based Loans

Stock Loan

Stock Loan and Securities Loans:

Do you find yourself in a financial trouble and wondering which way to turn? Has an urgent need for money suddenly reared its head throwing you into a quandary? This article will help you find a solution to your financial problem by way of explaining all about stock loan options and how you can raise money on your securities.

Stock loans are nothing more than a cash advance given on the value of stock that you hold in a company. None of us want to outright sell our stock just because we have an urgent need for finance. In such a situation, you can use your shares to raise a stock loan – you will have to put up your shares as collateral for the money being loaned to you. It is always possible that the company in which you hold the shares will be willing to advance you the money; if this is not an option you can go to a stock finance lending company that specializes in securities lending and stock finance loans.

There can be any number of reasons why you need money as urgently as you do and stock loans are one of the best options to get a loan without losing your stock. Once you repay the loan, the stock you put up as collateral is retuned to you and the shares belong solely to you. You will need to discuss the terms of the loan, interest rates and how dividends will be paid with the lender. You have the option to simply apply the dividends to the lending company in lieu of paying interest.

Securities lending is a whole different ball game, where the transaction takes place when the owner of the securities lends them to the borrower, who provides collateral equivalent to the market value of the securities together with an added margin on the market value of the securities. This type of financing option is generally used as an investment strategy whereby investors use their securities to generate additional revenue. The collateral that is acceptable in this type of lending can be in the form of cash, government securities, foreign securities and letters of credit.

When we talk about stock secured loans, it refers to financing at a relatively low cost with collateral put up to secure the loan. The collateral used for this type of loan can be a home, business, automobile and stock certificates. In this way you get the required cash very quickly without losing your savings.

Any type of stock loan that is availed using your stocks or securities as collateral has an element of risk because you don't receive 100% loan value on the stocks or securities, which means you are risking more than you receive. When considering a stock loan, stock secured loan or securities lending it is always advisable not to rush into the situation without fully understanding the terms and conditions applicable. Research the internet and ask questions of the lender to learn about the step you are planning to take, then make an educated decision. Hopefully this article will serve to enlighten you on the subject of stock loans.

Stock Loan Stock Loan

Stock Loan Stock Loan


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Online Prescription Medicine


Buy Prescription Medicine Online

Prescription drugs can and often are the largest medicine  or medical expense in many homes. We don't think anyone objects to drug companies continuing to research and develop drugs that can improve our quality of life or even extend our lives. However, no one wants to pay more than they have to for their prescription drugs medications.

Most people can save 65% or more on their medicine if they take a few extra steps and research their options. Being a smart shopper and plus a little insider-information can help you get the most for you medical dollar. Whether you have medical drug coverage or pay for your prescriptions out of pocket, you can learn a few techniques in order to save a buck or three on your next refill. Buy prescription medicine online.

The first suggestion is to price shop. Prescription drugs prices often vary as much as 45% from one pharmacy to another just down the street. Don't assume that the big name superstores or drug chains hold a lock on low prices. Many smaller stores seek out drug wholesalers and pass these savings onto you, the customer, in order to get you into their stores where you will likely pick up additional items you need.

Buy prescription medicine online

The opportunity that you can save a bundle by shopping for your prescription drugs online exists. Online drug retailers and wholesalers have a much lower operation expense and can offer 25% to 85% savings, sometimes even more. This requires some time to research and will likely be of more benefit to those who have ongoing prescription needs or have a chronic condition that will require long-term drug treatment. Buy Older Drugs. Buy prescription medicine online

This does not mean expiring drugs, just older in terms of having been around for a while. Avoid new trendy drugs as these are usually the most expensive options. Unless there is a compelling reason to move to a new drug that does something that no other drug can do, opt for the less-expensive option. Sometimes new drugs are just a combination of two or more older drugs. Buying them separately can be significantly less expensive that the new combination.

Buy In Quantity

Usually, buying a 90-day or 190-day supply will be a lot cheaper per day than buying in smaller quantity. Ask your doctor if you can get a larger refill prescription if you are taking an ongoing medication regiment.

Consider Generic

This may be obvious but prescription drugs whose patent has expired can be manufactured by others and this will lower the price of the medicine significantly. Always ask your doctor or your pharmacist if a generic-equivalent is available. This can really drop your prescription drug bills.