Saturday, November 16, 2013

FaceBook Marketing

FaceBook Marketing

As a company, you do not want your Facebook page to look just like any other page. For instance, you can create custom tabs, where you can add entries, to make it easier for anyone who visits the page to find something they may be interested in. Also, you can change the tab order, to bring forward and highlight the most important information.

Do not let your Facebook page gather dust

Companies often make the mistake to believe that it is enough for them to create a Facebook page and just forget about it. If you want to be successful on the popular social media platform, it is advisable to visit it at least once in a while, and post something meaningful. To get people to like you on Facebook, the first rule is to be present, with interesting entries that will create buzz and interest around your business. If you do not have the time to manage your Facebook account, you can ask one of your employees to do it.

Build Your Facebook Marketing with Ads

Paid ads are a solution to make yourself known on the popular social platform. Since there is little you can do to bring people on your page, no matter how much useful content you have there, paying ads to bring visitors is a good strategy.

This also serve for building targeted traffic for your website, as you can customize your Facebook ad campaign, based on people's interests.

Create engagement

One thing you should learn about social media is that it is based most and foremost, on engagement. Start a dialogue with those visiting and liking your page. Offer them great discounts and bonuses if they sign up with you, but do not forget to ask them what they want, as well. Through polls and other interactive strategies, you can make your Facebook page go from stale with an animated one. And, as people gather more in places that are already drawing a crowd, you will be on your path to success with this Facebook marketing strategy.

Offer exclusive deals

Getting people to like your Facebook page is not really that difficult. The key is to offer them something that they cannot find anywhere else. For instance, you can set up exclusive deals that only those coming from Facebook can take advantage of. Everybody loves exclusives, and it is a sure way for you to enhance your success on this social media platform. Facebook marketing is not an exact science, and you will need to try many different things until you find the best recipe. The secret is to never give up.




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