Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Christmas Tree Shops

Christmas Tree Shops

Christmas tree shops can be either one of the most or least enjoyable parts of Christmas for you, depending on how you handle it. Here are some tips to help you get the best Christmas tree shopping experience possible.

To begin with, go early. The earlier you go, the more selection that you have, as well as more time that you will have to use towards other Christmas activities. You can also opt to go Christmas tree shops online. Over 300,000 people this year will go this route.

If you do decide to go in person, before you make it out to the lot, you need to designate a space for your tree. Make this space as far away from air ducts and heat sources as possible.

Take the measurements of the spot that you have selected, as having a tree that is too large can be very frustrating. To measure, subtract a foot from the ceiling (to allot room for the stand) for vertical length, and allow for "breathing room" for the furniture when you measure horizontally.

You can also research types of trees before you go Christmas tree shops, so that you know what tree will best fit your needs.

When you finally leave to go Christmas tree shopping (with measuring tape in tow), look out for the freshness. If you are cutting the tree yourself, then obviously, you know how fresh it is.

Ask the retailer how long it has been since the tree has been cut. You can also look for the freshest tree yourself by selecting the greenest tree possible and with the fewest brown needles.

During Christmas tree shops, you can test a tree by picking it up and dropping it. If green needles fall off, then your tree may have been cut for some time, and is now excessively dry. It is natural for some of the brown needles to fall off, but the green ones should stay on.

Check out the bottom of the Christmas tree, and make sure that the first eight inches are relatively straight. This is very important. Make sure that any limbs attached to this part will not affect the tree's shape. Make sure that your tree doesn't look wilted or off-color.

When you find a tree, pick it up and shake it to see the branches' natural formation. Make sure that they are fairly balanced, that the tree isn't flat on either side, and that there are room for your ornaments.

Once you select your tree, ensure that it is rid of egg mass and insects before bringing it inside. Christmas tree shops can be a very fun experience when you know what to look for. Use these tips to make sure you choose the best tree for your family this Christmas season.



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