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When Facebook launched in 2004, it was introduced as a pure social networking site. The primary motive behind designing a social utility site like this was to help one connect and share with the people in his or her life. Little did we dream, probably the founders too, that it would become one of the most powerful business marketing tools!

Facebook marketing is a valuable asset in the hands of business owners trying to get across to a niche audience. Several social networking sites were launched prior to Facebook. They rode on a wave of popularity for a few months and disappeared without a trace. This is the distinguishing feature between Facebook and many of its contemporaries. It has managed to retain its popularity owing to its constant upgrades, ease of customization and versatility.

Part of its success as a business marketing tool is because of its wide reach. It is the largest social networking site with more than 500 million active users and also the most visited with more than 1 billion hits per day. The other advantage of Facebook marketing is the control it gives in the hands of an entrepreneur.

Advertisers can expand or limit the message to a particular country by adjusting the settings. Thus, the sale of products is no longer limited to smaller locations and areas. It increases the revenue generation ability, generates leads and sales and targets new business opportunities.

It is Easy to Use Facebook Marketing to Build Your Business

The first step involves setting up an account. Many use their personal account to market their business. This is a common mistake and indicates lack of professionalism. A business account should be separate. It can be a traditional account like the personal one you maintain or a fan page. The fan page will serve as your brand identity.

There are a few design details you should pay attention to. It should have your company logo, website link (if you have a website) and a short paragraph describing your business. On this fan page, you can share links to informative articles, videos and images associated with your business.

After you've designed your Facebook fan page, you must promote it. Invite friends, colleagues, business contacts and potential clients to like and share your fan page. The company website is another place to promote your fan page. With more exposure, the chances of growth and expansion also increase.

Facebook marketing includes paid advertising too. This includes running classified ads. Also called Market Place Ads, they are displayed in the side columns of this social networking site. The advertiser pays based on the number of impressions or clicks it receives. It is similar to publishing ads in a local newspaper or magazine. The entrepreneur can decide what he intends his daily or monthly budget to be.






There are many other methods to increase fans and raise brand awareness. One can host contests, promotions and sweepstakes. Sponsored stories are also a type of Facebook advertisement. It describes people's interaction with an app, fan page or event. It is a paid promotional method.

If you are still unaware of the different method to promote a business via Facebook, you can use help from online marketing experts.

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