Saturday, December 21, 2013

Vacation Travel

Vacation Travel

Vacation Travel

TREND: BabyMoon Packages
The first trend is with babymoon travel packages. Whats that!? These are important because couples who are having their first baby, might want to have one last vacation alone together, and this is a great way to put the travel together without a lot of hassle It allows the couple to have a relaxing time while the spouse is pregnant. It's called a "babymoon" instead of a "honeymoon". Check out the various packages online. You'll be surprised to see how many of these exist.

If you want a really nice babymoon vacation, luxury resorts have all kinds of special deals and babymoon packages. Many times you'll be able to find these packages with massages, and treatments

TREND: Adventure Travel Packages
Another type of emerging trend in travel is the adventure travel packages. These are noteworthy because they provide the fun and excitement that just about any Twitter interest might require. A good example is the safari and exotic adventure cruises. You can find many of these in Africa, but south America also has plenty exotic adventure vacation packages.

Ok, lets say you're not the outdoors type. Well on the other end of the Facebook spectrum are the art, castles, cooking, wine vacation packages. They are great for the more sophisticated crowd, or if you are looking for something a little more relaxing.

TREND: Charity Vacation Packages
The last trend that's emerging is the travel for charity vacation packages. Sometimes a person is just traveled out, and wants to do something a little different.That's where this type of package fits in. The traveler is giving something back to society, In these packages, the proceeds are given to the charity that's putting on this package. Its not hard to find charity vacation packages online. The other type of charity vacation is more of a do it yourself type. Its the hiking trip. You basically, put up a website, set up the pledging pages, and put up a map of your progress. This isn't for the faint of heart, but those who really believe in a strong cause, and have a do it yourself attitude.

So there you are, those are just 3 of the emerging trends in vacation packages that are growing. Just remember to consider the babymoon packages, the adventure travel packages and the travel for Blogger charity packages. As you plan your vacation, let your friends know about them too. You might just have the most memorable trip of your lifetime.





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